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How to Clean and Maintain Your Home’s Insulation


Insulating your home is just one of many factors that go into its orchid. But when we talk about insulation (or anything inside the house, really), most of us probably just assume it will work forever... you know, like Sabrina Teenage Witch or something! Here at Texas Cleaning Services we realize just how important it is to keep every corner of your home clean and working—yes, even the insulation. Follow this step-by-step and practical guide to offer some care to the insulation of your home. 

Benefits of Insulation Maintenance 

How Proper Insulation Maintenance Can: 

  • Increased energy efficiency and lower utility bills. 

  • Enhance indoor air quality. 

  • Mold and pest infestations are avoided. 

  • Prolong the longevity of your insulation.

How to clean and maintain Insulation

 1. Safety First 

Make sure you have the correct safety equipment on before you begin Protective gloves, a face mask, and goggles will keep your eyes and face from dust and contaminants. If you have an older home, remember that old insulation may have contained asbestos, and thus need to be handled by professionals. 

2. Inspect Your Insulation

Check your insulation often for water or pest damage, mold, or wet spots. Make sure you take special care of where the pipes, vents, wires come out the roof, this is a common place for issues to crop up.

3. Vacuum Loose Debris 

Clean the surface of the insulation with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter to remove any dirt or dust. Do not compress the insulation while sealing the openings to avoid loss of effectiveness of the insulation material. 

4. Address Moisture Issues 

Insulation Is Your Friend — Keep It Dry! If you see any wet or damp areas, find the source of the moisture (e.g., leak, condensation). Replace any insulation taken down so as not to accumulate mold or ineffective insulation. 

5. Seal Gaps and Cracks 

Inspect your residence for gaps and crevices where air and moisture can enter through and seal them with caulk or weatherstripping to make certain your undertaking of maintaining an effective insulator.

6. Replace Damaged Insulation 

Isolate any insulation that is extensively ruined, squashed, or infested and replace it. When insulation gets impacted, it starts losing its function and even becomes a health hazard. 

7. Maintain Ventilation 

The ventilation of your attic and other insulated spaces is of the utmost importance. Keep them in good working condition so that the moisture escapes, and there will be no mold.

 8. Consistent Professional Inspection 

Though DIY plumbing care is extremely important, having seasonal professional plumbing inspections can help to uncover underlying issues that a person might not otherwise see at all. Texas Cleaning Services provide insulation inspection and maintenance to keep your home energy-efficient.


 Proper insulation in your home is essential for energy efficiency but also the comfort and health of those living inside. Implementing these things will help you to maintain the lifespan of your insulation and get all the benefits of having good insulation. If you are looking for professional help, or a complete check, do not hesitate to call back Texas Cleaning Services. Our expert team is here to assist you in keeping your home pristine, from top-to-bottom.

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