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How to Clean and Maintain Your Home’s Lawn and Garden

Lawn and Garden

Many homeowners take pride in their lawns and gardens. At Texas Cleaning Services, we get it — maintaining an outdoor space is about more than just beauty and curb appeal; it's also a tranquil place to relax, enjoy some time with your family, or entertain. As such, we have put it upon ourselves to provide you with a basic step by step guide of how you can go about cleaning and maintaining your home’s lawn and garden.

1. Regular Mowing and Edging

We all know the importance of lawn mowing. Mow at the right height to stimulate healthy root growth and steam out weed invasions. Mowing Once a Week Through the Growing Season is common. Oh, and be sure to edge your lawn to make itself look tidy and well-manicured. This means cutting the grass that grows on the edges of footpaths, driveways and flower beds.

2. Watering Wisely

The lawn needs to be watered correctly and on a regular basis to stay lush and green. As the grass dries out, also it is advisable to water in the early hours of the day as you will also allow the grass to dry during the day as this decreases the risk of the grass being infected by various fungal diseases. Your target should be around 1 inch water per week including rainfall. When you use the deep, infrequent watering method, it pushes the roots to grow deeper and you get a more drought resistant grass.

3. Aerating the Soil

Aeration — This gives your lawn irrigation the ability to reduce compaction of the soil, meaning water, air, and nutrients can get to the grassroots much easier. By this process little rags of soil are removed from your lawn. It is better in the spring or fall when the grass is growing.

4. Fertilizing

Fertilizing offers the vital nutrients needed to have your yard dense and lush. Slow-release fertilizer in spring to keep your trees in their normal growth course. Learn about a summer to fall follow-up application that will support the grass through the stress of summer as it readies itself for winter dormant season.

5. Weed Control

Weeds are the competition in your lawn against your lawn nutrient, and water. Along with routine mowing and fertilization to keep weeds at a minimum, sometimes extra steps must be taken. Use a pre emergent herbicide in late winter or early spring to keep weed seeds from germinating. Use a herbicide suitable for the type of weeds you have; it will not harm your grass but will kill the weeds.

6. Pruning and Trimming

Trim and prune your trees and shrubs and garden plants ensure that they flourish and prevent disease. Remove dead or diseased branches and prune plants to retain their natural growth. It also works to give the appearance of a fresh yard and to encourage new growth.

7. Cleaning Garden Beds

A clear and clean path between garden beds. Raking up fallen leaves, dead plants, weeds and debris is also important for health and so keeping a nice clean garden must be your biggest priority. Adding a layer of mulch helps to keep moisture from escaping, suppresses weeds and just makes your garden look nice.

8. Pest Control

Pests can wreak havoc on your lawn and garden. Keep an eye out for signs of pests such as leaf damage from chewing and discolored leaves. If pests are a concern, implement natural ways to repel pests (introduce beneficial insects or use organic insecticides for pest control).

9. Seasonal Care

While most lawn and garden care is a year- round job, each season faces its own challenges and tasks. Summertime, clean up after winter, aerate, fertilize in the spring. In summer it needs to be watered and mowed on a constant basis. A good winterizer blended fertilizer is typically hydro-stoleti. Fall is the time to core aerate, overseed, apply Fall & Winterlizer fertilizer. In winter, from protecting our plants from frost to thinking about the new growing season.

10. Professional Help

Lawn and garden care can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. So don't be afraid to consult a professional. We provide the finest lawn and garden maintenance services at Texas Cleaning Services, ensuring that your backyard maintains its exquisite form throughout the year. We provide the expertise and tools necessary to treat every facet of lawn care including mowing, fertilizing, pest control and pruning.

Having a beautifully kept lawn and garden requires time and ongoing effort, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Here are some measures you can follow in order to maintain the pleasing aesthetic of our exterior space and improve its longevity. Don't forget if you need help in any way with your lawn and garden maintenance and that Texas Cleaning Services is always here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve the lawn and garden of your dreams.

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