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How to Clean and Maintain Your Ottoman


An Ottoman can be used for many different functions, that is why it is one of those pieces of furniture that you cannot miss in your space. Whether you are using an ottoman as a footrest, extra seating or as a coffee table, it is important to keep it clean to ensure it will look good and last for a long time. How To Clean and Care for Your Ottoman — Texas Cleaning Services At Texas Cleaning Services, we all know the significance of an exquisite domicile, and we're here to share a few realistic cleaning and care recommendations in your ottoman.

1. Understand the Material

What To Know About The Material Of Your Ottoman Before You Start Cleaning Different materials need different kinds of cleaning. Common materials include:

  • Fabric: It is made of several fabric types.

  • Material: Genuine / Faux Leather

  • Suede: A material with a napped finish.

  • Microfiber: Extremely easy to rinse, but not natural.

  • Velvet: Luxury at its best, we recommend always handling it with care.

2. Regular Maintenance

  • Vacuuming: All flooring needs regular vacuuming. Clean it up with a soft brush attachment to get rid of dust and debris. This prevents dust from settling into the fibers or pleats.

  • Spot Cleaning: You can Wipe away minor spills with Beeswax Furniture Polish. Blot the region using a clear dry towel to extract TLC. Never rub, as this will only smear the stain and grind it into the fabric.

3. Deep Cleaning Fabric Ottomans

  • Check The Label Of The Manufacturer: Always check the care label for recommended cleaning instructions.

  • Home Remedies for Fabric Cleaning: Preparing a solution of mild detergent and warm water for general cleaning. Test the solution on an unseen area and apply it with a towel.

  • Cleaning Process:

  1. Mix all the ingredients together and then dip a soft cloth, a dish towel or a sponge taking up the solution.

  2. Lightly dab at the area of the stain and do not soak it into the material.

  3. Wipe with a damp, clean cloth to clean the soap.

  4. Let the ottoman air dry completely.

4. Cleaning Leather Ottomans

  • Dust: Wipe regularly using a soft, dry cloth.

  • Leather cleaner: leather cleaner or a solution of one part white vinegar or water. Apply with a soft cloth.

  • Conditioning: If clean please condition your gates with leather conditioner. Conditioning keeps the leather soft and prevents cracking.

5. Cleaning Suede Ottomans

  • Brush your Shoes: Regularly brush the dirt off your shoes to help reposition the nap.

  • To Clean Stains: You can try using a suede eraser or a clean white cloth with a small amount of white vinegar. Gently rub the stained area.

  • Stay Away From The Water: Excessive moisture or water can discolor the texture of the suede. Water should be avoided while cleaning suede.

6. Cleaning Microfiber Ottomans

  • Vacuum with brush: You will want to brush over the felt from all sides.

  • To Spot Clean: Mix a mild detergent with water. Rubbing alcohol is great for tougher stains. Wipe dry with a cloth.

  • Brush: Revive the nap with a gentle brushing after cleaning.

7. Cleaning Velvet Ottomans

  • Vacuum: You will need a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove the dust.

  • Spot Cleaning: Mix a few drops of dish soap with water. Test on a hidden area first. Have a stain on your terrazzo floors, put on a cloth and gently apply it.

  • Steam Cleaning: Use a handheld steam cleaner designed for delicate fabrics for a deeper clean and to kill bed bugs.

8. Professional Cleaning

Reliable Cleaning Company Like Texas Cleaning Services Regular maintenance goes a long way and so does hiring wonderful cleaning services such as Texas Cleaning Services. We Have An Experienced Team To Clean Any Ottoman Material With The Right Tools For The Right Cleaning Process.


Caring for your ottoman by keeping it clean makes it not only look better but also lasts longer. By using these tips, you guarantee one of the loveliest pieces of your home will stay that way! Contact Texas Cleaning Services for Commercial Cleaning Services We are glad to be of assistance in keeping your home looking its best!

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